Ten Tips to Make Your Swimsuit Last


Ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools can be very damaging to your swimwear, but with a little bit of care, you can keep your swimsuit in pristine condition, for many seasons to come.

  1. Start with a high quality swimsuit, like one by Makani Dream Swimwear.  We use high quality materials that are meant to withstand harsh chemicals and salt.
  2. Apply sunscreen prior to putting on your suit.  Some sunscreens contain strong chemicals, which can stain and degrade your swimsuit.
  3. Do not sit or lean on any rough surfaces.  Cement, and even the grout in-between tiles, can destroy a beloved swimsuit in only one sitting.
  4. Rinse your swimsuit immediately after changing to get rid of any sand, chemicals, dirt or oils you may have picked up during your fabulous day.
  5. Hand wash your swimsuit in mild liquid detergent, or if you have, a soap made especially for swimwear.  Rinse with cold water, and gently squeeze your suit, being careful not to twist.
  6. Avoid the washing machine if you can, or if you really feel it is needed, limit it to once a season.
  7. Hang or lay your swimsuit on a drying rack- in the shade!  Sun can also destroy your swimsuit in only one day; some places really are that hot!  Make sure it is completely dry before your put it away.
  8. Never leave your suit in a bag for an extended period of time, or it will start to grow mildew, and get stinky.
  9. Have multiple suits so you can be sure to properly care for each suit after your use it.  Plus, nobody likes wearing a wet swimsuit!
  10. Most of all have fun, and enjoy!

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